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WeaselCam Bytes was created to help in all the basic to advanced problems in computers today. We diagnose and fix hardware, software and networking issues and much more.

We will work as a consultant for your technical needs. WeaselCam Bytes also assists in labored work.


Examples of some services we provide:

  • Build to Order Computers to your specifications.
  • Conversion of Photos to Digital Images
  • Conversions of digital images from any file type to a desired file type.
  • Conversions of digital videos from Android, Iphone, Ipad to DVD Video.
  • Conversions of VHS & VHS-C and mini-DV cassette tapes into DVD(s).
  • Conversions of 16mm, 8mm, Super8 Reels and more to DVD(s).
  • Conversions of Audio Files from any file type to most desired file types.
  • Audio Extraction from VHS, mini-DV and DVD to Audio or MP3 CDs.
  • Creation of Picture CD/DVDs:
      i. Viewable on a PC
      ii. Viewable on a DVD player
  • Virus Removal.
  • Hardware/Software Installation.
  • Building a PC from scratch.
  • Much, Much More...Just Ask Us







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